Digital Signature price Rs 800

Digital signature price with token (pendrive) – Rs 1000

digital signature price Rs 400

Digital signature price – Rs 700

General uses of digital signature (DSC) – Income tax return filing, GST filing and ROC filing of companies.

Documents required for getting digital signature – PAN, Aadhar Card and Photo.

Procedure to get Digital Signature Certificate(DSC) is very simple.

Share otp on the mobile number and email id. Then there will be a video verification to be done through your mobile or laptop – you just have to click the link and say your name, father’s name etc.

Contact us – 9987661221

Email id –

Refund policy – Refund is allowed till DSC is not approved.

Payment can be made through Net banking, Debit card, Credit card, paytm or UPI.

What is Digital Signature?

Digital signature is a form of identification in authorizing a document or process. The purpose fulfilled by digital signature is same as of physical signature. Only difference it is digitally stored and can be done electronically.

Paperless Digital Signature

Class 2 Digital Signature can be very easily issued online. There is no requirement to fill the long application form, then physically signing, then KYC documents and thereafter courier all the documents.

To make DSC online share PAN, Aadhar Card and photo with us over email. An OTP will go to the mobile number and email id. Thereafter, video verification can be done through mobile. Digital Signature is ready.

It is suggested to link your mobile number with Aadhar Card to faster process your digital signature. Also make sure that your name in pan card and aadhar card matches.

12 uses of Digital Signature

  • MCA or ROC filing
  • Income tax filing
  • GST filing
  • Import export license
  • Company Registration
  • LLP registration
  • Patent and Trademark efiling
  • Custom E-filing – ICEGATE
  • E-bidding and auction
  • Regular Documents authentication like pdf
  • Form 16 generation for bulk employees
  • Foreign Remittance – Form 15 CA and CB
  • Provident Fund

What is etoken?

E-Token are like USB pen drive use to store digital signature which is password protected. As per government Order, with effective from 7th December, 2013, Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) can be stored only on FIPS 140-2 level 2 certified crypto tokens.

Various e-tokens used for Digital Signature:

  • Epass 2003 token
  • SafeNet token
  • Etoken PKI token
  • Watchdata Proxy key token
  • Trust key token

Most widely used token is Epass 2003.

How to use Digital Signature with etoken?

Using of digital signature is easy. Digital signature is like pendrive.

Just plug in to the USB drive and use it. System will ask for the password at the time of authentication.

Types of Digital Signature

1. Class Type – Class 2, Class 3 and DGFT

2. User type – Individual and Organisation

3. Certificate type – Signature, Encryption or both

For Income tax, ROC, Provident fund and GST filing purposes – Class 2 Individual Signature is sufficient.

For Form 16 Salary Certificate and PDF signing – Class 2 Individual Signature is sufficient.

For Import Export license – Class 2 Organisation Signature is suggested.

In case of E-tendering – Class 3 Organisation SE both is recommended.

For foreign trade purposes – DGFT Organisation Signature is recommended.

For Trademark purposes – Class 3 Organisation Signature is recommended.

Class 2 vs Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

Class 2 DSC and Class 3 DSC differ basically for the purpose they are used.

Class 2 is used for authenticating documents  relating to Income tax, GST and ROC filings. But Class 3 is used for the purposes of E-tendering and Trademark copyright purposes.

Also class 2 is used by individual and can be downloaded after verification through pre-verified database; however, class 3 is the highest level security after the registrant’s identity verification has been carried out by a Registration Authority.

Digital signature price with 2 year validity

Class 3 Signature with etoken – Rs 1000

Class 3 signature organisation with etoken – Rs 2500

DGFT signature with etoken – Rs 3500

Renewal of Digital Signature Certificate

The process to renew dsc is same as the process to get new digital signature. The same documents and verification needs to be done – mobile, email and video. One has an option to download the renewed digital signature in the existing etoken or new token.

List of 12 Licensed Certifying Authority

  • Safescrypt
  • Capricorn
  • (n)Code Solutions
  • e-Mudhra
  • Vsign (Verasys)
  • NSDL e-Gov
  • CDAC
  • Indian Air Force
  • CSC
  • RISL (RajComp)
  • Indian Army
  • IDSign
  • CDSL Ventures
  • Panta Sign
Licensed Certifying Authority

E-mudra is the widely used licensing authority in India.

Digital Signature Price
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